Three generations & counting.

Del-Tho Industries started with a handshake deal to supply cartons to the Los Angeles produce market back in 1959. This family owned company has spanned three generations while providing 55 years of service to become one of the largest distributors of corrugated cartons in California.

  • Tony DeLellis, Sr. Founder

    Tony DeLellis Sr. was a first generation American and lifelong Angeleno, who learned the value of hard work and perseverance from his father. After making a name for himself as a football star at Loyola High School, Tony went on to coach football at Loyola High School and Loyola University. After World War II Tony tried his hand at several careers to better provide for his growing family. In 1959 he stopped by the Los Angeles Produce Market to have lunch with his good friend, Sam Perricone, Sr. While he was in Sam’s office, another produce distributor came in and told Sam about his difficulties in finding a reliable supplier of corrugated shipping containers. Tony recognized the opportunity and made a handshake deal with the fellow to begin supplying his cartons. Through years of hard work Tony built Del-Tho into a strong carton distribution company, with a foundation in outstanding customer service.

  • Tony DeLellis, Jr. Second Generation

    Tony's son Anthony, Jr. (Tony Jr.) began working at Del-Tho in 1974 after graduating from Stanford University with an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering and then from the UCLA Business School with a Master's in Business Administration. Tony Jr. developed managerial skills and business acumen during his early career with TRW and Marshall Industries, before taking a leadership position at Del-Tho. Under Tony Jr.'s leadership, Del-Tho grew into one of the largest distributors of corrugated cartons in California.

  • Tom DeLellis Third Generation

    Tony Jr.'s son Tom DeLellis, also a UCLA Bruin alum, began working at Del-Tho as a truck driver in 1994. Tom was promoted to warehouse manager, and then moved into the office to round out his training in daily operations. After years of working under the guidance of both his grandfather and father, Tom is now Del-Tho's President, and continues the family tradition as an active salesman and manager. Tom carries on the commitment to excellent customer service upon which Tony Sr. founded this company.

  • Katherine DeLellis Henderson Third Generation

    In 2012, with a growing customer base, the company hired another member of the third generation, Katherine DeLellis Henderson. In addition to bringing new business to the company, she is also helping with customer service, quality control and human resources. In April of 2017, Katie led our successful effort to achieve ISO 9001:2015 Certification.